Everything began...

when a couple of macho ducks 
started running after me screaming and yelling 
(in case you don’t know, ducks are the best guards for your property).
This was my 5-month routine on my way up to Kalavrita ski resort, 
where I used to work. I had the same experience once more... 
This time when I was working in our family olive grove.
 I’ve had enough. 
It was time for my payback.

Since I am a vegetarian and I can only admire animals, 
including those epic ducks,
I decided to make them famous! 
Put a nice bow tie, clean and fresh,
kept this snob-duck 
evil look and decided to spread the news.

Snob Duck soaps are born.

Duck – free, as they deserve...

Ps: Snob Duck soaps do not turn back time,
clean your conscious, provide therapies,
magic treatments or any other promising stuff.

100% Handmade Soap
Made in Greece

Check out the snob duck presentation